Dam Interactions

It is important to remember that your sweet, loving, easygoing best friend is going through MAJOR hormonal changes. 



Towards the end of her pregnancy, it is not uncommon for her to want limited interactions with other dogs, even if they are best friends. Towards the end of her pregnancy, supervise all playtimes. Once she starts labor, she should not have any interactions with other dogs. She will be confused and uncomfortable, and we don't want her lashing out at your other pets. 

The mother of the puppies is the ONLY dog that should be around the puppies for the first 5 weeks of their lives. Do not put your breeding female in the position that she feels the need to defend her puppies. SHE WILL FIGHT OTHER DOGS IF SHE FEELS THREATENED. She is not the same dog as she was before she had puppies. Some females will guard their puppies like a mama bear. 


She can interact with supervision with your other dogs away from the puppies (bathroom breaks). 


Limit all outside human interaction as well. Yes, it is important to handle the puppies daily, but that interaction needs to be limited to your immediate family. Neighbors, friends, and extended family can all come meet the puppies once they have had their first vaccine. 

Remember that she is a new mom and these are HER BABIES. Limit how long she is away from them. The first few weeks of their lives, the puppies need to be with mom 24/7 besides potty breaks. 

INTERACTIONS WITH OTHER LITTERS (multiple litters at the same time):

If you have multiple litters housed in the same room, they must be in completely contained pens with secure tops. Even if your dog has never climbed or jumped out a pen, she will try to get out of her whelping box. Please see our whelping box page for our recommendations.


It is not uncommon for a nursing mom to try and steel another mom's puppies. Do not let them near each others litters. Deadly accidents can happen in a blink of an eye.