Instructions for Puppy's First
Veterinarian Visit with Adopting Family

We find it helpful to provide the adopting families with First Vet Visit Instructions. We include printout in the Go Home Packet. Below is an example of what to include. 


Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles, INC
First Veterinarian Visit Instructions

What to Bring:

  1. Shadow Mountain Vaccination Record

  2. Fecal Sample from that morning

  3. Plastic Crate

  4. Wellness Report to be returned to Shadow Mountain

When you take your puppy for their first veterinarian visit, DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO TOUCH HIM beside your veterinarian  and your assigned technicians. Please do not place him on the floor, chair or any public surfaces.  

There are sick dogs at the vet. Just like we do not pass our babies around the pediatrician’s office, we do not pass our puppy around the vet's office. This also includes the front receptionist.

Our biggest concerns are Parvo and Distemper. They are both deadly and your puppy will not be fully vaccinated for them until 16 weeks of age.


When you meet with your veterinarian, provide him your puppy's Vaccination Record as well at that morning’s Fecal Sample (Double bag it in Ziploc bags)

Your puppy has been microchipped. Please have your vet confirm that the number on your records match his scanned chip.

Please have your veterinarian complete the provided Return Wellness Report and send to

Please call if you have any questions
Jena Braun, Breeder – (405) 638-1035