Outdoor Playground Setup

See our favorite toys, fencing, bowls and other supplies below!

5 Weeks of Age

24 hours after the puppies get their Neo Par vaccination, they can go outside! 

Start with a small environment (about 12 panels) with a cozy blanket, crate, and a few toys. We don't want to overwhelm them. If its a little chilly, you can cover the crate with a blanket. Be sure to also include a potty box and plenty of fresh water. 

After the puppies are comfortable in their environment (a few days) you can add panels to enlarge the play pen and a tunnel. 

7 Weeks of Age

The puppies are big enough to include a few toys that they can climb on. We love this stair set as well as the air flow beds. If you have standard puppies you can introduce the stairs and air flow bed at 6 weeks. You can also increase the size of the play area. Also include some of your socialization items (metal pan, small piece of AstroTurf, carpet) Don't forget the toys!

8 Weeks of Age

If you are offering extended stay or have a puppy you are keeping as a prospect, you can add a play structure after the puppies turn 8 weeks of age. Puppies love ones they can hide under or play king of the mountain.